Nominations for the 2017 African Entertainment Awards Opens March 1st 2017.

Thank you all for your participation and amazing enthusiasm. Join us, for a great evening and to find out who won, at the glamorous awards ceremony, on Saturday, August 26th 2017 inside the Metro Toronto Convention Center Past winners

How to Enter

Review the award Nomination Process, evaluation criteria and categoriesand determine who would be an appropriate recipient of the African Entertainment Awards. Nominations are submitted online during the annual fall nomination season.

Nominations for the 2017 African Entertainment Awards Opens Feb 13th 2017. If you have questions about nominating, please contact AE Awards at

Once registered, nominees will be asked to provide information about the person or organization being nominated, including the company and/or product website address, a photo of the entry, videos, and social media links.

Value of an African Entertainment Awards

Be sure to review the criteria and categories. To see the value African Entertainment Awards nominees, finalists, and winners receive for their entry, then submit your nomination to align your business with African Entertainment Awards, one of the most widely known and respected award in Africa.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Consider becoming an African Entertainment Awards sponsor. We give opportunities to our Sponsors to advertise their companies/organizations at our events and in our magazines. You'll get outstanding visibility, recognition and value. View our Sponsors and Become a Sponsor